Feature product – Tradie’s Mate 600mm Workshop Timber Broom

Keeping your workshop clean and free of debris is essential for both safety and productivity. But let’s face it, not all brooms are created equal. When it comes to tackling tough workshop messes, you need a broom that’s built to last and gets the job done right. That’s where the Tradie’s Mate Workshop Broom comes […]

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What’s New – Geelong Brush Soft Touch Dish Brush

Ditch the scratchy sponges and harsh scouring pads! The Brush Soft Touch Dish Brush is here to revolutionize your dishwashing routine, especially for non-stick cookware, delicate crockery, and glassware. This innovative brush combines the power of scrubbing with the gentle touch of a built-in rubber scraper, making it your ultimate weapon against stubborn food residue. […]

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