What’s New – Geelong Brush Soft Touch Dish Brush

Ditch the scratchy sponges and harsh scouring pads! The Brush Soft Touch Dish Brush is here to revolutionize your dishwashing routine, especially for non-stick cookware, delicate crockery, and glassware. This innovative brush combines the power of scrubbing with the gentle touch of a built-in rubber scraper, making it your ultimate weapon against stubborn food residue.

Imagine effortlessly gliding through greasy pasta sauce on your favorite porcelain plates, or coaxing baked-on cheese from your precious casserole dish – all without fear of dreaded scratches or swirls. The Soft Touch’s high-quality nylon bristles are soft enough for even the most fragile surfaces, yet firm enough to tackle tough messes. And when you encounter something a little more persistent, simply flip the brush and utilize the integrated rubber scraper. This ingenious feature lifts away stubborn bits without etching or dulling your dishes, leaving them sparkling clean and unharmed.

But the Soft Touch Brush isn’t just kind to your dishes; it’s kind to your hands too! The comfortable, ergonomic handle ensures a secure grip, even when wet, preventing fatigue and making dishwashing a breeze. Plus, the brush is compact and lightweight, allowing you to maneuver into tight corners and around delicate curves with ease.

So, ditch the dishwashing drama and embrace the gentle yet effective cleaning power of the Geelong Brush Soft Touch Dish Brush. Your precious pans, sparkling glassware, and grateful hands will thank you!

Now available at Woolworths.